Top Ten Reasons Why

My art journal has not been touched since May.


  1. I don’t have enough time.


  1. Lack of creative flow. Sometimes my brain just isn’t up for it.


  1. Lack of materials. I saw a post that read “I’m broke therefore I craft”. Lie. I’m too broke TO craft.


  1. I might get a little overwhelmed. My project list is getting pretty lengthy.


  1. Too much stress deprives me of the energy to journal.


  1. Distractions. Their names are Taylor and Mikalah (my sisters).


  1. I’m tired?


  1. Now that I think about it… Where is my journal?


  1. Not enough caffeine. I may be addicted just a little.


  1. Time again. Where is it all going?!


Well, now that I have my top ten reasons down I can’t really use those excuses anymore. Maybe number eight should be addressed first though… That might be a good idea. : )

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