I had heard about the 100 day project last year & even followed along with several other bloggers/influencers as they progressed through the 100 days.

Elle Luna is an artist who hosts the project once a year. Basically you choose a project and create it every day for 100 days. So by the end of the 100 days you would have 100 pieces. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be a piece of art. It could be 100 days of self portraits, short stories, stretching, or even pep talks (so much love for that one!)

I’ve chosen to do 100 days of water color, plants, and embroidery. Combining those concepts each day & hopefully ending with 100 5×7 pieces of art!

I’ll be posting every Sunday with an update of how the week is going and what I’ve made so far!

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