Recap of Yesterdays Events


12:00 AM-Go to bed
4:45 AM- Wake up (you have to be sleep deprived for the EEG test)
4:50 AM- Fell back asleep
8:00 AM- Running late…not surprising.
8:30 AM- Finally left the house (the appointment started at 9)
9:00 AM- Not even close to the neurology office…
9:33 AM- Someone (Mom) took a wrong turn. : P
10:00 AM- One hour late, but we made it.
10:15 AM- The EEG tech. put this goopy crap in my hair that was supposed to keep the wires on my head.
10:23 AM- The current thought running through my head at this time was along the lines of “wow, this really sucks…”
10:35 AM- So, she puts this strobe light in front of my face and tells me not to open my eyes or blink…? I didn’t even understand what she was talking about I was just over it. Not to mention that watching the light through closed eyelids was like a rainbow exploding two inches from my face. 🙁
11:00 AM- Finally done with the EEG test and back in the waiting room for the follow up to the previous appointment.
11:40 AM- They increased my meds. It took all that time just to do that? Really?
12:00 PM- On our way home so that I can wash my hair before work…
12:45 PM- At this point I had been washing my hair for a good twenty minutes…
1:00 PM- Forty-Five minutes to get to work, so I gave up (don’t get me wrong, I totally got it all out, I just didn’t have enough time to make it pretty.)
1:35 PM- Eating my lunch at work waiting for the time to come so that we can gather the children from school.
1:36 PM- “Is it nap time yet?”

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