One Little Word 2015

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This is my third year participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word class. I’ve found that my words come very easily to me and seem to have a theme. In 2013 I choose “be”. While it seemed easy at first I soon learned that just being content or just being focused was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. It actually felt like having twelve words instead of one because each month felt like a new word or a new challenge. In the end it all worked out. There were a lot of new things happening in my small corner of the world. In 2014 the word “joy” just kinda stuck. It fit nicely with “be” and helped me continue fitting “be” into my life where I could. Just be joyful. While that may have been the mantra it really wasn’t all that easy. Yet again I managed to choose a word that wasn’t simple and was multifaceted in ways I didn’t even think possible. But that word was perfect for my 2014. I went on business trip to NYC (first time ever!) and had a really amazing experience and got to hang out with my awesome co-workers and make lots of new friends. I flew up to Idaho to photograph my aunt’s beautiful birth of sweet Benaiah. Pure joy. I planned the biggest trip of my life and then actually made it happen. I was able to go to Hawaii for THREE weeks and have the best time ever. Once again, pure joy. On second thought, maybe my word should have been “travel”. Inserts giggles here. And while there were plenty of less than joyful moments, the year ended pretty well. I’m hoping that 2015 will be filled with just as many surprises and because of that I choose “celebrate”. This is the year of new business adventures. This is the year where I step outside of my element. This is the year when I explore the place I’ve lived for the past eighteen years like a tourist. This is the year that I will run my first ever half-marathon (I still can’t even believe that one….). This is the year when I will be soooo planty that I may need to create a new Instagram account just for documenting it all. This is the year that I will go to California. This is the year that I celebrate everything. This is the year that I will start making my dreams come true. It’s a year worth celebrating. And I intend to document it all.

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