Love at First Sight

I freaking love Starbucks. I believe that it may be the best thing EVER!

Here are five reasons why (as if I even need one):

1. Coffee is AWESOME. You can never have too much coffee, no matter what time of day it is, how much you have already had or any other lame excuse not to get it.

2. I LOVE caffeine (it helps with headaches…*wink*wink*)

3. It’s only $5 per cup. How cheap is that for one whole day of happiness…hyperness…(you can choose for yourself.)

4. They custom make it. You could get a Venti Strawberries and Creme frap with¬†¬†2 shots of toffee nut and chocolate chips (this taste like captin crunch berries by the way…but some people don’t like it.I am NOT one of THOSE people.)

5. Um…do I even need a reason? NO. It is just FREAKING AWESOME.

It is SO awesome that my five year old sister drinks it. I have PROOF! (see below)

Explanation of blurry pictures: Result of too much sugar, too quickly, and excessive energy.

Gotta love it. : )

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