Documenting Dapper Day


I took a lot of pictures when my mom and I went to Dapper Day this past March. And last year I dropped the ball majorly on documenting our adventure. Actually, thinking about it now, I have no idea where those pictures are…. Don’t tell my mom. Anyway, I wanted to be able to get the story down but also not spend so much time doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to scrapbook! But there were so many pictures that it was a little intimidating. And I wanted something to look at right now! So here’s my story: I was on Instagram one night and a company called Nowvel messaged me about their new photo book app that they were launching. So of course I followed them right away and got a free credit for my first album! Naturally it just had to be Dapper Day! When the app officially launched I got right to it. The entire process was insanely easy and I had the book in my hands in no time at all. I was shocked at how quickly they got it to me! I really loved everything about it and I’m working on my second book now (as soon as I find last year’s Dapper Day pictures). I also love that the pictures are 8×8 inches and the paper is super thick & sturdy!

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To see all of this year’s Dapper Day pictures check out my previous post!


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