Art Journaling the Magic Retreat


This past week my mom & I attended a few days of Art Journaling the Magic Retreat at Walt Disney World. It. Was. AWESOME. We absolutely adore Tangie Baxter & Mindy Lacefield. The demos were awesome. The swag was INSANE. And we can not wait for next year’s retreat. Seriously. Be prepared for a ton of photos.









Me & my mama! 9





We sketched the Tangled bathrooms right near the entrance and painted them a little while later during lunch & dinner. Possibly my favorite page from my journal. 14

We sketched INSIDE It’s A Small World. It was probably the most difficult with it being so dark. But I love my little Israel girl so much (bottom right corner). 15

All of the ladies on Mine Train! 16












Sketched the castle during Wishes & Once Upon a Time & painted at home. My other favorite journal page. Haha. img_8416-2

Daily Challenge card! img_8430-2

And my very first ever embroidered ear hat. Swooning so hard over here. img_8434-2



I’ll keep updating with new art journal pages on my Disney Instagram @devinraegoestodisney. Follow along for all things Mickey Mouse and sparkly! 🙂

Epcot International Festival of the Arts


We finally got to the festival this past weekend! So much love for this event and all of the artists who were there. It was rainy & chilly which made for a perfect, crowd free day.

We started out with lunch naturally. Poutine from Le Cellier in Canada. Oh. My. Yum. We may have also gotten a whiskey flight. And a dessert or two. 😉

And then made our way back to Future World. We stopped and chatted a bit with Jackie Huang and bought some small postcards of her artwork to have signed. Day made 2 hours in.

One of the coolest parts of the festival was the giant paint by number. You get a small tub of Gillden paint with your number on it (I got pink of course) and a brush. It was too cool and I basically wish I could have taken the whole thing home with me. The best part was when we left later that night and the whole thing was almost complete.

img_2114 img_2115 img_2116


This cutie  😉


Those colors. major swooning happening over here.

img_2120 img_2121

I took pictures of the trash bins and the cast member laughed at me. I explained that I just had too.

img_2122 img_2123 img_2124

AP check-in at Innovations East. This was super neat. We got an email a few weeks back telling us about reserved seating for the Disney on Broadway Concert Series. I jumped all over that. More a little later in this post. Also in Innovations East you’ll find Animation Academy! We drew Mickey of course and I was seriously missing an eraser.


The Odyssey Festival Showplace held several seminars throughout the weekend. I totally lucked out with the Photography 101: Lighting and Perspective seminar led by Tom Smutny. The timing was so perfect and I was a super happy lady.


Broadway! Kerry Butler & Kevin Massey performed several songs from Beauty & the Beast, Tarzan, Newsies, and Aladdin. Totally worth it with the reserved AP seating. We didn’t have to wait in line or anything.


And all too soon our day at Epcot was over. So…. we went to Magic Kingdom to get our pirate side on. 😉

img_2128 img_2129

Dapper Day: Spring 2015

March 2015 2966

Happy Dapper Day! My mom and I attended the Spring Dapper Day event at Magic Kingdom this past Saturday. We had a blast! Here are some of the pictures that I just couldn’t wait to show you.

March 2015 2975

I set my camera on one of the benches on the Liberty Square Riverboat and used the self timer for this one. We waited and waited so that we would be the last people off of the boat and have a clear shot!

March 2015 3027

Those balloons are actually really difficult to keep hold of. The balloon holding cast member told us that in 1994 someone let go of all of the balloons on purpose and was fired. If you need help with the math that’s 90 balloons times $10 a pop. Yikes.

March 2015 ipad 964

March 2015 ipad 967

Cinderella’s Wishing Well was FINALLY open to the public again. I just adore it.

March 2015 ipad 972

Okay, so here’s a funny story. Both my mother and I just about had our feet fall off. We went to first aid and loaded up on band-aids, then went to find some new shoes. That’s why you see me where purple flats and not my super sparkly flats. They were just not broken in enough yet.

March 2015 ipad 973

March 2015 ipad 974

March 2015 ipad 975

March 2015 ipad 976

March 2015 ipad 977

March 2015 ipad 980

March 2015 ipad 981

March 2015 ipad 982

March 2015 ipad 983

March 2015 ipad 984

March 2015 ipad 985

March 2015 ipad 986

March 2015 ipad 987

Let’s just say that we are super excited for the Fall Dapper Day event this coming October. So. So. So. Excited.