Love at First Sight

I freaking love Starbucks. I believe that it may be the best thing EVER!

Here are five reasons why (as if I even need one):

1. Coffee is AWESOME. You can never have too much coffee, no matter what time of day it is, how much you have already had or any other lame excuse not to get it.

2. I LOVE caffeine (it helps with headaches…*wink*wink*)

3. It’s only $5 per cup. How cheap is that for one whole day of happiness…hyperness…(you can choose for yourself.)

4. They custom make it. You could get a Venti Strawberries and Creme frap with  2 shots of toffee nut and chocolate chips (this taste like captin crunch berries by the way…but some people don’t like it.I am NOT one of THOSE people.)

5. Um…do I even need a reason? NO. It is just FREAKING AWESOME.

It is SO awesome that my five year old sister drinks it. I have PROOF! (see below)

Explanation of blurry pictures: Result of too much sugar, too quickly, and excessive energy.

Gotta love it. : )

Pretty Mobiles

I have recently started creating fiber art. Basicaly you have your materials and out them together in a way that means something to you. You use different fabrics or natural elements to put your memory together. The best part? No one knows what it is! Only if you told them. I have made five. The first one was a little more involved than the rest but I think that it came out pretty well .

Take Heart

Well, it appears that April Fools is not just one day long. It lasts for the WHOLE MONTH. I know it. I have PROOF. But, anyway there is a song that my friend shared with me and I am going to share it with you!

Here are the lyrics:

[Verse 1:]
There is a light
It burns brighter than the sun
He steals the night
And casts no shadow
There is hope
Should oceans rise and mountains fall
He never fails

So take heart
Let His love lead us through the night
Hold on to hope
And take courage again

[Verse 1:]
In death by love
The fallen world was overcome
He wears the scars of our freedom
In His Name
All our fears are swept away
He never fails

All our troubles
And all our tears
God our hope
He has overcome
All our failure
And all our fear
God our love
He has overcome
All our heartache
And all our pain
God our healer
He has overcome

All our burdens
And all our shame
God our freedom
He has overcome

All our troubles
And all our tears
God our hope
He has overcome

All our failures
And all our fear
God our love
He has overcome

God our justice
God our grace
God our freedom
He has overcome

God our refuge
God our strength
God is with us
He has overcome

What a mess!

I just went to two different vintage shops in Brandon and found another camera to satisfy my camera fetish. : ) So far I have three, yeah I know…whop de do, but I am super excited about it!
The first one i got was a Canon T50, it is a lot more modern than the other two. The second camera is a Target Brownie Six-20. I L-O-V-E it! I am still trying to figure out how to open it though. YouTube to the rescue. Lastly, I aquired a Perfex Fifty Five. I know nothing about it except the fact that it looks freaking awesome. It is pictured above. You want to know the best part of the whole thing? I only paid $15 for it.

SCORE! : )

Recap of Yesterdays Events


12:00 AM-Go to bed
4:45 AM- Wake up (you have to be sleep deprived for the EEG test)
4:50 AM- Fell back asleep
8:00 AM- Running late…not surprising.
8:30 AM- Finally left the house (the appointment started at 9)
9:00 AM- Not even close to the neurology office…
9:33 AM- Someone (Mom) took a wrong turn. : P
10:00 AM- One hour late, but we made it.
10:15 AM- The EEG tech. put this goopy crap in my hair that was supposed to keep the wires on my head.
10:23 AM- The current thought running through my head at this time was along the lines of “wow, this really sucks…”
10:35 AM- So, she puts this strobe light in front of my face and tells me not to open my eyes or blink…? I didn’t even understand what she was talking about I was just over it. Not to mention that watching the light through closed eyelids was like a rainbow exploding two inches from my face. 🙁
11:00 AM- Finally done with the EEG test and back in the waiting room for the follow up to the previous appointment.
11:40 AM- They increased my meds. It took all that time just to do that? Really?
12:00 PM- On our way home so that I can wash my hair before work…
12:45 PM- At this point I had been washing my hair for a good twenty minutes…
1:00 PM- Forty-Five minutes to get to work, so I gave up (don’t get me wrong, I totally got it all out, I just didn’t have enough time to make it pretty.)
1:35 PM- Eating my lunch at work waiting for the time to come so that we can gather the children from school.
1:36 PM- “Is it nap time yet?”

A Day in the Life of Me:



So, basically, I start off everyday exactly the same. Running behind! I just can not seem to get myself out of the door. Oh, I’m everyones sunshine in the morning. ; )

Then I tread off to my dreaded A.P. Psych class, followed by French II, and ending my delightful morning with a whopping dose of TRIG!

I mean really this is THE life.

Well, really it kind of sucks. At least the first three periods. Just saying.

BUT, 4th-7th are like OMGOSH! Can you say lunch and three art classes in a row! I LOVE IT!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. So, to finish up my school day I have English. Not that horrible of a class, but there are only four girls out of twenty-five. I mean you have got to see the immaturity level of that class. Even if you don’t know who is in it. Twenty-One senior boys filled with their cocky idiocy.

Around 3:06-3:15ish, I arrive at WORK! : ) I, personally, love it. Even though it may seem stressful working with 22 rowdy kids for a few hours, it’s still great knowing that I have the chance to change their lives and help them use their character traits to the best of their ability.

Oh, I’m sorry…maybe I should tell you where I work so that this actually makes a little more sense. : ) I teach martial arts at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Center and I work mainly with the after school program. So, aside from helping third graders with their homework, (Which is ridiculous! Have you seen what those kids come home with? I have never seen some of that math in my entire life!) I also teach them how to be better people. Which can be very hard sometimes because 1.) every kid is completely different! 2.) they are crazy! : ) 3.) Just because it is!

After hanging out at at Taekwon-Do for multiple hours, I am finally kicked out of the building to return to the place where I reside. THEN I…go to bed. A day in the life of me is very exhausting…even if it may not seem like it from reading this post!

But that is pretty much it, from Monday-Friday.

The weekends…PSH. Now that deserves a whole other post on its own!