being twenty-something

twenty something

Yes. I am turning twenty-two this month. No. I do not need you to comment on how young I am.

Many of my friends or people I have to deal with day to day are in their thirties. And I am constantly reminded of my age. However, I am TWENTY-TWO. And the reminder of my age is typically in a derogatory way. I know that I am more mature than your average twenty-two year old these days. I am focused on my work, I never go out and party (I’d rather go to Disney World & always do), I don’t drink, I’m not a video game junkie, and I find it hard to have a conversation with people around my age. We just don’t “click”. And because of this I’ve put myself in a position where I befriend like minded people in their thirties. It causes me to feel inadequate because I haven’t had this or that life experience yet. It most likely wouldn’t bother me as much if those like minded thirty year old’s didn’t brandish my age like a knife and try to use it against me. Should I be sorry that I’ve only been alive for so many years? Absolutely not. And honestly it says more about the maturity of the people that I’m around who feel the constant need to bring it up and throw it in my face like a weapon. Having met thousand of people at varying ages I’ve decided that there are some who are bitter about growing older and not feeling as valid or that they can’t “pull something off” because of their age. What a load of crap. Stinky, smelly, crappy crap. It makes me sad for those people and even more hurt because they feel the need to inflict their insecurities, knowingly or not, on today’s young adults.

I am a young adult. I am enjoying the freedom of traveling, having my own plans, and doing things my way. I am learning and growing every single day. And those who feel that they are older and wiser should be sharing all of their learned knowledge, not belittling others for not knowing just yet. I’m not going to punish myself for not knowing how to do something before I’ve learned to do it. So you probably shouldn’t try to punish me either.

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