A Year of Gathering



I’m so very excited for 2017 & my new One Little Word! I’m using this post as a jumping point for my documenting & will share my January layouts later this month! 🙂

Word  // gather

Definition // come together; assemble or accumulate//bring together and take in from scattered places or sources

My Reason Why // I really want to document the people, places, and things in my life this year. Where I gather, who I gather with, and what I gather. I wanted to invite more opportunities to celebrate these gatherings & to fully enjoy them this year. This word has been floating around in my mind for a few months now & it felt like the perfect fit for this season of my life.

Quotation // “gather up all your scattered dreams & build the life you love…” -unknown (if you know, please tell me!)

Invitation // This year I want to invite more opportunities to gather with the people that I love. To be more aware of these gatherings & really live in the moment whether it’s big or small.

Let Go // Let go of my current morning routine// Let go of my indecisiveness//Let go of  my fears//Let go & Let God

Note to Self // Call to me & I will answer you. -Jeremiah 3:33


I am so very excited for 2017 & all of these new gatherings, adventures, & blessings. I can’t wait to share them with you in this space.

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