a meaningful conversation

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I find that as I go through my average day I interact with more than 100 people. And in those 100 people I can’t even think of more than 3 that I actually have a meaningful conversation with. “Hi, how are you? Good” Que walk away. And that’s it. Nothing more is discussed. That is until this past Wednesday when one of my eight year old students came into the classroom and sat right down next to me. She asked me how my day was going and I answered and asked her in return. Then she asked me what my most favorite part of the day was. It took me about two minutes to figure that one out myself. And then I answered her with something about a project I’m working on. And she sat there and listened and responded and asked more questions. It was the first time in a long time that I was actively engaged in conversation with someone who wasn’t too busy or just doesn’t have the time or that wasn’t climbing up the walls and needed to be talked off of the ledge (mostly four year old’s, but there are a few adults too). Anyway, it makes me think of how people are so consumed in their own little worlds that they don’t take the time to really open their eyes and see what the people around them are dealing with. They overlook and assume that they know everything that’s going on in your life when they don’t even bother to ask in the first place. But out of all of the conversations that I have had this week, the one with the eight year old is the only one that I can remember having any real meaning to me.

Signing off to go find some new friends on the internet and in the real world.

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