A Day in the Life of Me:



So, basically, I start off everyday exactly the same. Running behind! I just can not seem to get myself out of the door. Oh, I’m everyones sunshine in the morning. ; )

Then I tread off to my dreaded A.P. Psych class, followed by French II, and ending my delightful morning with a whopping dose of TRIG!

I mean really this is THE life.

Well, really it kind of sucks. At least the first three periods. Just saying.

BUT, 4th-7th are like OMGOSH! Can you say lunch and three art classes in a row! I LOVE IT!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. So, to finish up my school day I have English. Not that horrible of a class, but there are only four girls out of twenty-five. I mean you have got to see the immaturity level of that class. Even if you don’t know who is in it. Twenty-One senior boys filled with their cocky idiocy.

Around 3:06-3:15ish, I arrive at WORK! : ) I, personally, love it. Even though it may seem stressful working with 22 rowdy kids for a few hours, it’s still great knowing that I have the chance to change their lives and help them use their character traits to the best of their ability.

Oh, I’m sorry…maybe I should tell you where I work so that this actually makes a little more sense. : ) I teach martial arts at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Center and I work mainly with the after school program. So, aside from helping third graders with their homework, (Which is ridiculous! Have you seen what those kids come home with? I have never seen some of that math in my entire life!) I also teach them how to be better people. Which can be very hard sometimes because 1.) every kid is completely different! 2.) they are crazy! : ) 3.) Just because it is!

After hanging out at at Taekwon-Do for multiple hours, I am finally kicked out of the building to return to the place where I reside. THEN I…go to bed. A day in the life of me is very exhausting…even if it may not seem like it from reading this post!

But that is pretty much it, from Monday-Friday.

The weekends…PSH. Now that deserves a whole other post on its own!

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