10 Little Things: July

10 Little Things

Ten little things that I am loving this month:

#1 – Ariah in the Cinderella (I’m pretty sure that’s the right princess) dress that I got at Walt Disney World when I was six.


#2 – My go to snack at Epcot. I ended up there on a random Tuesday afternoon after work a few weeks ago. It was a much needed solo trip where I wasn’t in charge of sixty children.

Cream Brule

#3 – Another Disney one! The new Disney Springs has a ton of beautiful walls, doors, and gates that provide beautiful backdrops. Everything is adorable and I get trigger happy. I really want to try out my film camera and see what happens.

Disney Springs

#4 – My Elephant Pants! These are insanely comfortable and I really love how vibrant the color is.

Elephant Pants

#5 – The way my clothes are fitting right now. I’ve slimmed down a bit since the summer has started and am feeling pretty confident with myself. I’m hoping to start taking yoga or beginner ballet classes this fall.


#6 – My garden!!! It deserves every exclamation mark. I’m super proud of it and a little bit surprised that’s it’s doing as well as it is. It’s my happy place.


#7 – I got a new lens! I worked really hard and saved and budgeted. I’m really happy that I was able to get it before a birthday party that I shot. Hooray upgrades!

Payton's Birthday Cake

#8 – Pinterest has been super inspiring lately. It’s helped me plan my garden and learn how to better care for my plants too.


#9 – This bathroom “selfie”. The only way I get pictures of myself at work is when I take them myself. Bathroom mirrors, self-timers, and the classic selfie basically sum it up.


#10 – This app! It takes your image and makes it look like a water colored painting. I prefer using images that have a lot of clean lines and detail. But the softer, more blurred pictures are just as stunning.

Water Louge