so in love

I absolutely adore these little thumbtacks from Target. So. Cute. I thought that I would hop on here and share a few of my little scrap/journaling treasures. I like to use tons of embellishments and texture. It makes the page more fun!

See that whale tape dispenser? Yeah I know. So cool looking. ; )







one blood

I donated blood today! Apparently I have tricky, rolling veins. Oh the joy. But in the end it’s so worth it. I even got a cool (actually cool) t-shirt. And found that my blood is O positive. It only took twenty years. The over all experience was pretty good.



hello friday

It has been a beautiful, rainy, crafting kind of Friday. Between catching up on all of those 90’s tv shows, going to get some BBQ, and working on my One Little Word album I am beat. ; )

Just kidding. But it does feels like I’ve done a lot of work even though there’s not too much to share.

Here’s the cover of my OLW (One Little Word) album. Very simple and vintage looking.


And here are a few pages and embellishments that I’ve been favoring lately.






And how could I forget pictures from lunch!





The strawberry lemonade was amazing and the chicken was so good that I forgot to take a picture!

this & that

This past weekend was pretty relaxed. I bought a lovely album for my One Little Word project. I’ll be sharing more on that in the next few days. And got a surprise mani and pedi. Oh. SO. Lovely. Not too many pictures but I thought that I would share a random one from my millions of snapshots. We’ll see about a more meaty post this evening or tomorrow! ; )

This is a lovely office window in Ybor. I absolutely adore this building. Hence the many shots of the same window that riddle both my film and dSLR and my iPhone.


Weekend Update: Part 1

This past weekend we went up to Jacksonville for a Krav Maga seminar. Yeah, I know. We’re cool.  It wasn’t as intense as that certification had been, but it definitely kicked my but. I’ve got a ton of pictures from the drive up and not so many of the seminar. Oh well. But I can show you some pictures of when I went to the hotel pool (for about 30 minutes due to the fact that the water was freezing!), stopped at the beach for all of five seconds (BOO!), and then did a ton of driving. Below are the pictures from my iPhone and I’ll post again with the pictures from my dSLR.


13 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10
photo 12

picture this

These pictures are from February and March. Two BIG months for me. I moved (again) and turned twenty. I am finally out of my teens and made my first big furniture purchase. It’s the beautiful, antique dresser pictured bellow. Very excited about having another fresh start to purge and focus on what I really need to function. I took all of these at the vintage store where I purchased the dresser. They recently had to close because their building sold (BOO). I am very excited that I payed $150 less than the original asking price.



rack photo number journal dresser