Plant City, Broke Down Cars, & Summer Camp

A few weeks ago my friend Lucy and I went to Plant City to explore the antique stores. By the time that we actually got there though they were ll closed! But, we still had a great time and ended up doing a fun and spontaneous photo-shoot. Here are some of the pics we got.







While on that trip my car happened to break down. Which was fine. I got right in there with my heels and dressed up self and got it all worked out. It was actually pretty funny. I’m pretty sure that we both saw that one coming!


On a side note: my summer camp has been killer! We’ve been making awesome crafts and going on tons of fun field trips. Starting next week I’ll start to share some of our adventure outings and stellar craft projects.






Broken Down Cars & Coffee

Holy mother of long months. May drug on FOREVER. I started classes at HCC on May 14th. About 4 weeks ago. In those 4 weeks I have managed to overheat my car SIX times and fill up my tank twice in one week. About $150 in gas so far. The online classes are the worst though. I would rather drive three hours than endure three minutes of that. My teachers are all nice though and very accommodating. My American Sign Language teacher is awesome. She is my favorite for sure.

I’m currently typing this in a random 24 hour Starbucks. You had to see that coming, right? The reason I’m here long enough to type this whole thing out is because my car started to overheat on the way here. GAH. Well. On a lighter note, I really am enjoying school. When traffic isn’t too horrible the drive is quite pleasant. It’s my 1 hour of peace in the whole day. : )

So. I’m off to surf the Internet and catch up on some left over work from today. Wish me luck!