The Art of Glue Sticks

Well, this is week two of my summer camp. So far it has been great! We have gone on many fun field trips, have learned how to properly kick butt, and made tons of adorable arts & crafts. I have decided that it is totally worth it to invest money in glue sticks (even though they dry out faster than a glue bottle would). They are easier for the kids to handle while they are crafting. So, Walmart, here I come! Also, it is way easier to distribute glue sticks and clean them up afterward. Stamp of Approval. YES!


I have not really posted in a while and I guess that some people must actually look at the site (seeing as how I am getting complaints for my lack of  posts). Well…in my defense it has been a long, hard, testing year and I know that it’s only June. Between working, graduation and just trying to keep my head above the water I haven’t really had a lot of time on the computer. So this is my update for now and I will put something worth reading up later this evening.